NOTE: Effective October 2012, the Board approved a policy that if you rotate two times to the bottom of the list and decline membership on the third offer, you are removed from the list and must reapply from new membership. Child/dependents as defined by the IRS through the age of 22, will be included in the family membership.

Applicant Name ChildrenPostmark Date of Membership ApplicationRotate to bottomSponsor name
Macknight & Lisa Johnson (2)April 22, 2013Eric Samson
Chris & Liz Meder (3)MadisonMay 14, 2013Julie Ellington
Mark & Karen Brose (2)May 15, 2014David Rommen
Bill & Paige Ellington (4)Teagan, LiamDecember 6, 2010Aug 2014Former Member
Lynn Knapp (1)February 24, 2015Former Member
Peter & Jole Ruff (2)December 29, 2015Former Member
Nils & Katie Lee (5)Skyler, Dustin, CloieJanuary 13, 2016Former Member
David & Helen Ulrich (4)Tyler, Nathan2/1/2016Brad Ulrich
Emily Magnotto & Giusepp PezzanLiam2/11/2016Former Member
Darryl & Andrea Elves (2)2/20/16Jim Rosendle
Scott & Tami McDaniel (4)Chase, Colby4/18/16David Keller